Posted by: ahurricane08 | January 5, 2009

Welcome back!

What a day! I just finished working and I never stopped moving all day until lunch! My morning was so hectic. The printer in our office was still out of ink so I tried to go downstairs and log onto another computer to print but the bell rang before I was expecting it because I forgot it was a conference day! Luckily my class I wanted to make copies for was in a computer room so I made due and printed out my 18 copies on the printer while the kids were getting settled and turning in work that was due. After that fiasco I spent my next planning period running around getting papers I needed for the rest of the day. I had a couple of minutes to sit and organize my desk that already has a growing pile of work on it! The rest of the day went a little better. I was so worn out by the time 9th period came! After sitting through the useless meetings (I’ll post a rant on that later) I got to go home and get started on my grading! Only 4 hours of that done tonight with more to go still! AH!! What a way to start out the week…



  1. happy new year!

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