Posted by: ahurricane08 | December 13, 2008

7 teaching days left!

I’m eagerly counting down the days until the break and seeing my family but as I realize the growing list of things that need to be accomplished my joy is diminished. Another round of observations are coming around next week. We’re hedging our bets on which class she will come into. One of my classes is working on the computers individually from now until break so that class is out of the picture. Normally she comes into the Regents classes but last time she started hitting electives. That scares me! Normally, I barely have control over that class and DO NOT teach in the style they want me to (aka inductive reasoning). I was planning on starting a case study of Emperor Penguins to finish up before the break. I was going to show March of the Penguins but showing a whole movie is frowned upon so I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m still definitely going to go over the test on Monday. If she comes in then, she comes in then. There will be no Do Now or Aim for the day but that’s just the way it happens sometimes. We’re also being pressured to start and finish a unit on digestion in the Regents class. I’ll have about 6 periods of teaching available to do it in. Barely enough time!

I spent about 30 minutes of my friday contacting parents of freshmen in my classes who are missing work. It was too much! I got one good response, hung up on twice, and left a dozen messages. I sent out some e-mails instead of calling to some parents and did get some good responses out of that. If only students would turn in their lab reports! It would save me time. Don’t they realize it’s all about me!

In the real world, I’ve been doing ALL of my christmas shopping on-line. It’s been nice becuase it saves alot of time for me. I’m going to venture out this weekend though to finish it up so Ben and I can celebrate Christmas before we leave for vacation! I’m getting EXTREMELY excited about seeing my family but also EXTREMELY nervous for Ben. Having Christmas dinner with 20+ members of my family and friends at one time is a bit overwhelming!



  1. wow, your principal doesn’t give you advance notice of observations? good luck!

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