Posted by: ahurricane08 | October 22, 2008

parent-teacher conferences

So tomorrow and Friday are parent-teacher conferences and I am not excited. While most of my students are doing really well I have a few who are struggling. Some of the parents may get upset at this. My worst nightmare about parent-teacher conferences though is a parent questioning my ability and such because of my age. I don’t know how to respond to this and such so I’m just hoping it won’t happen.

Parent-teacher conferences are also making my day tomorrow sooooo long! I have my normal school hours but I’m taking my animal behavior class to the zoo for lab like I normally do on Thursdays. So we take the public bus to the zoo and then I have to take it back to school and then I get dinner from the parents’ association and then parent-teacher conferences start. I’m not going to get home until after 9! I leave at 7! AHH! What a long day!

Ben’s family is coming into town this weekend too so I’m loosing a ton of the time I normally spend grading papers and planning so I can spend it with them. I’m doing extra work this week so I can at least get through the first couple of days next week until I can catch back up on planning. It’s making for one long week so far though!



  1. Round one down… I hope your parent teacher conferences went ok. I found all the parents to be extremely supportive, even though practically all of their students failed.

    You should be extremely proud that most of your students are doing very well!

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