Posted by: ahurricane08 | October 8, 2008

long awaited update

I haven’t written in a while mainly because I’m SUPER busy! I’m constantly grading and planning. Even if I do my planning on the weekend I still tweak it and find visuals and powerpoints every night! It’s exhausting. Even with the 3 day week last week and the four day week this week and next I’m barly keeping up with work. The first marking period is over today so I’m getting all my grades together. That’s a whole other headache. I’ve been entering my grades in my spreadsheets but actually calculating the grades is a nightmare!

I’ve been sick this week as well. I don’t know where it came from but it SUCKS! I was in bed and asleep at 7 yesterday. I came home exhausted again today even though I’m feeling slightly better. Hopefully sleeping in tomorrow will help me out. I need tomorrow to do my homework for my class! I’m a mess right now!



  1. You should absolutely try Easygrade Pro, it would help you a lot… you are still on time…

  2. Hey, I’m a first year teaching fellow myself. I found you through another blog. Good luck with everything! It’s nice to read what other first years are going through:)

    I’m also totally interested in that Easygrade Pro mentioned above!

  3. Hey people (small world):

    I’m hopefully a new teacher next year — I’m wondering for the 1st year teachers. Is the whole ordeal that much worse than you feared it might be? How has your home life suffered? Any family or relationship problems stemming from time spent doing school stuff?

  4. My bf is a first year teacher. So far we get to spend a lot of time together. He’s fortunate though because he’s teaching in a very nice school for a special program. Also I noticed he doesn’t need to re-learn the material and that saves him a lot of time. I guess it depends on how much you know the material. Many new teachers don’t take advantage of lesson plans available to them but preffer to write their own… I guess a lot has to do with organization and use of available resources.

  5. hint hint… about the Easygrade Pro ask in the fellow forum… They might help you get it.

  6. bronx2020…

    by no means is it any worse than i feared. actually, i thought it would be harder based on blog posts that i’ve read. but i think having lived in brooklyn my entire life well prepared me for the realities of what i would face. and similarly, having lived in the bronx, you should be just fine.

    the first couple of weeks i was up way too late planning, but i also spent way too much time on facebook too, so it’s my fault:) but i’ve gotten the hang of things and this week has been great for me.

    i have plenty of time to spend with my kids and the same as usual with my husband. and as far as classes go, i’m taking two right now. truth be told, i bring my laptop into class and do lesson planning and research so right there i get a nice chunk of planning time twice a week that doesn’t interfere with my personal life!

  7. Bronx2020:
    The year is just like I thought it would be. I’m working has hard as I heard I had to work.
    As for my home life, I can’t say the same. I only see my boyfriend an average of twice a week. His work schedule as a musician and recording engineer is a lot different than mine. He normally gets home after midnight. I know if I was doing any other job I would get to see him at night when he gets home but even on the weekends when I don’t have to get up early I’m too tired to stay up to see him most of the time. I haven’t eaten a meal with him in over a week and last time I did eat with him was at the studio he works at. It hasn’t had any long lasting effects on our relationship yet but it’s definitely not the ideal situation.

    I originally was planning on using an electronic gradebook but my AP wants us to do everything in excel. 😦 They are behind on the times in this area unfortunately. One of the teachers convinced her to let him try it out and he is going to hopefully show her how great they can be so next year we can all use it. Until then I’ll be using excel and crafting amazing formulas to calculate my grades for me!

  8. ahurricane08:
    With Easygrade Pro you can export to excel…

  9. I guess once you come up with the formulas on excel, things will get easier…

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