Posted by: ahurricane08 | September 16, 2008

Holy awkward

So today was the day of awkward moments…

All of these comments came from my male students throughout the day.

1 – you look younger with your hair down. How old are you?

2 – You’re hair looks so nice down. You should wear it like that more often.

3 – and the king of them all… While discussing positive and negative reinforcement and punish as part of a lesson on operant conditioning in Animal Behavior. I was explaining the different types of reinforcement and punishment using an example of how I would reinforce the behavior of the class if they all turned their labs in on time. e.g. I would positively reinforce the behavior by giving candy. So I asked the class to give me an example of positive punishment. My biggest and brightest smart ass gave the following example, “If I did not turn in my homework on time you could whip me” Yes, he did say that. I had to turn around and face the board to collect myself on that one.

On another note, everytime someone asks me if I like my new job the standard response I have come to give is, “Ehh, I LOVE being in the classroom 90% of the time teaching and interacting with the kids, BUT I HATE the 900 hours of work I have to do outside of the classroom.” Some days it puts me in such a foul mood I feel bad for my roommate and Ben.

Good news though: I got paid! My biggest paycheck ever! (you have to remember I just graduated from college people) and I got a Satisfactory on my observation. (more on that later)!



  1. Sorry to hear about the awkwardness with your students! I had a day like that too last week when a student asked me my sexuality… Yikes…

    Agreed there is a crapton of work outside of school hours. In fact, I’m procrastinating it right now. I totally relate though.

    Congrats on the nice fat paycheck! I am also fresh out of college and having a REAL paycheck (+benefits) is pretty sweet. Good luck with everything!

  2. Holy crap.

    I suppose that’s one advantage I (hopefully) will have as a male teacher — no testosterone-filled teenage boys awkwardly hitting on me.

    Chin up.

  3. hey! i LOOOVE you for writing this blog – I’ll be going for a NYCTF interview in December, and this thing gives me a realistic view of what I’m getting myself into.

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