Posted by: ahurricane08 | September 12, 2008

Another week down

This week was quite eventful! I felt disorganized and rushed everyday!

Tuesday I did my first observation of senior teachers. I come in early to observe the first part of the lab exerecise for the week. I was sooo bored and tired!!! Later in the day I observe a recitation period for the Regents Biology class. This teacher is amazing to watch and gives me a lot of good ideas on how to do things and expand on the lesson plans provided. So that is nice.

Wednesday I had my first informal evaluation by my AP. That was interesting. I wasn’t too flustered when she came in because I had heard from the other new teachers that she was going around this week. The lesson went pretty well. She had some good things to say and some concrete suggestions. It seems like I’m having trouble with the same things as the other new teachers.

Today was “freshmen friday” which equals chaos! This is the day the seniors pick on freshmen and play pranks in the school. Couple this with a fire drill one period and that means nothing got done that period. The halls were sticky and smelly from the maple syrup on all the banisters. The freshmen were covered in stickers, at least the ALL didn’t say vulger or mean things about them. There were goldfish in the toilets and lord only knows what happened out in the yard because it was COVERED in trash and paper. I had freshmen all day and they were all riled up from the commotion.

It made for a really long week, not to mention the pile of work I brought home to do. I have to make up my UNIT 1 test for regents bio and show it to my AP monday. I have to make my UNIT 2 exam for regents bio by mid-week and submit to my AP. I have to make my first exam for animal behavior and show it to my AP by the end of the week. I have to re-learn learning to teach to my animal behavior class next week and make the lesson plans and lab for it. I have to lesson plan for my other 2 preps as well. I have to review a text I got about animal behavior to see if I want to order it for the course – yes we still don’t have textbooks because I am finding out little bits and pieces of the process (that I am supposed to know intuitively apparently). I’m exhausted but still enjoying my job.

I had one student (a senior) tell me I was his favorite teacher and heard one of my freshmen in the hall say I was his coolest teacher so I have that going for me. So far I don’t have too many class management issues. One of my regents classes gets a little loud every once in a while but I can maintain control. My seniors enjoy talking a lot and lab Thursday was controlled chaos. It made me tired of my name because I heard it every 5 seconds with questions and stories about animal behavior.

My grad class is starting to require some reading and homework now too so I have to start keeping up with that on top of all my planning and such! AH! Soon to be overwhelmed!

I think the highlight of the week was getting to see Ben for the first time since Sunday yesterday evening.

I have been rambling for a while now…time for me to go relax some more in front of the TV.


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