Posted by: ahurricane08 | August 13, 2008

New teacher orientation

Yesterday morning I had new teacher orientation in the biology department at my new school. We got a lot of information about the Regents biology class we were all going to be teaching. I have tons of lesson plans to look over and tweak in the coming weeks. I didn’t get any information about the research literacy class I’m teaching though. The lead teacher for that wasn’t there but the lessons for that class are laid out for everyone just like the regents biology class is.

I got some surprising news in this meeting as well. 1 – I get an extra day to come to school before classes start. All the new teachers will be there an extra day to become familiar and comfortable with the school and do all sorts of administrative stuff. So that’s great news. 2 – I’m teaching animal behavior! We talked about me taking over the class down the road but the teacher who teaches it left and I’m inheriting the class now. It’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  I’ve only gotten animal behavior in bits and chunks from different classes I took in college. The teacher didn’t leave much about the class either except for an outline. The AP promised she would work closely with me on it. She did say they go to the Bronx Zoo once a week in the class which is REALLY awesome! So I get an extra challenge.

After leaving the meeting I feel a tad less apprehensive about the year now. Everyone seems a lot friendlier outside of an interview. 2 of my classes have all the lessons planned out; I just get to add my own flair here and there. My labs will be set up for me each week. I will get to know the AP very well as we work together to develop a curriculum for animal behavior. I’m staying pretty positive about it all and am still really excited for the fall.

Tomorrow I’m going to meet some other new teachers at the Central Park Zoo so hopefully that will be fun and I’ll make some more contacts in NYC!


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