Posted by: ahurricane08 | July 21, 2008

Coney Island and more…

This weekend I did some tourist-y things for the first time since we’ve been here. On Friday night we went MoMA. It was free after 4 so it was PACKED! It was a good opportunity to become familiar with the museum and what they had but hard to look at and appreciate the art with everyone there crowding around and talking. Ben and I plan on paying one day and going back to appreciate everything. I can’t wait to get to see all the photography up close and the new exhibit on modern housing.

On Saturday we went to Coney Island for the Siren Music Festival. Once again it was PACKED. It took over half an hour to get food and beer from Nathan’s. We finally got our food and enjoyed our famous Nathan’s hot dog. We caught parts of a couple of the bands playing and then walked the boardwalk so I could actually see the water for the second time since we’ve been here. I must say I was quite disappointed. I couldn’t even smell the water over all the people and/or pollution. I could hardly see the water through the solid blanket of people on the beach. But it was nice to get a fresh breeze in the heat. We made it back to the stage to see all of the Helio Sequence set – really good. And then stayed at the stage and moved forward for the Broken Social Scene set – AMAZING! I was kinda upset that they only played an hour like all the other bands that day but they were still amazing. The hour and a half loud train ride home almost ruined the day though. Ben and I both got home with huge headaches thanks to the rude people beside us yelling and carrying on over the noise of the train the entire time. Pretty good day overall though.

I’ve got my Sunday routine down now. After lunch I start laundry and do my homework while I do the laundry and am normally done by the time its time to do our weekly grocery shopping and cook dinner. Doing all my work in one day makes for a long day but it is worth it not to touch it Friday or Saturday. It normalizes my life not to do school work for a couple of days.

Tomorrow I’m trying something daring – I’m going out on a school night! (gasp!) So I had extra work to do yesterday and today but I’ve got it all done squared away so I am free to leave school and go to the concert tomorrow night and hopefully be ready for teaching (and final observation) and presentation in class on Wednesday. We’ll see how it goes!


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