Posted by: ahurricane08 | July 9, 2008

First lesson and observation down!

Today was my first full lesson, planned and performed, all by my lonesome. It was also the first time my field visitor observed my teaching. He gives us feedback on our lesson and teaching and other things after each observation (there are 3).

I taught the students about graphic organizers. This was not my choice, the teacher I am working with wanted me to cover it. It is helpful for them on their exit projects though so I can see where he’s going with it. Any way I used what we call the workshop model. Meaning I told them about a graphic organizer, say concept maps, and then modeled how to make one in front of the class with their help (guided practice), and then assigned them to do one on their own (independent practice). And then I repeated that 3 times for the other types of graphic organizers presented to them in the book. I scored major brownie points for using the workshop model because that is what our field visitor modeled to us on Monday and what the DOE is all about right now. It lent itself well to this lesson but I don’t think it’s practical for all lessons.

Anyway there were no HUGE problems with it or the students. 2 students got in a heated debate about the amount of contact in football and in basketball while we were making a compare/contrast table for the two sports. That was unexpected and escalated way farther than it should have. After they were settled back down though they did pretty well the rest of class. The period my field visitor observed like 3 students decided they didn’t have pencils so I had to lend out my only pen (because my pencil wasn’t returned in the earlier class) and my field visitor actually had to give one of my students a pencil because my teacher didn’t have any. Yes, I shouldn’t give them pencils and in my own class I wouldn’t but it’s not my class and my teacher didn’t set any rules about that sort of thing. Other than that there were no issues. I got really tired of teaching the material and hearing myself talk by the 3rd time around so I kinda feel bad for those kids because I wasn’t as into it anymore. But my field visitor had quite a few positive things to say about my lesson and my technique and gave some good feedback on what I can do to improve some things. So overall I’m happy with it though. I’m being observed again on Monday and plan on teaching them bar graphs and line graphs so hopefully that will go as good or better.



  1. I think you’ll continue to master your craft! You are definitely on your way..I have the interview on Saturday..I also found out the Midyear training doesn’t start until Nov 3rd 08,..uhhh so long..

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