Posted by: ahurricane08 | July 7, 2008

Summer School

Today I reported to school for student teaching. I am in an 8th grade science class. All of the students in summer school are required to complete the state mandated exit project to be promoted so that is the goal of summer school for them. This week they are picking their topics and going over some scientific method, data, research techniques, etc. that will help them comlete thier projects. I spent most of the morning with my field visitor learning about what he will observe us on and seeing a demo lesson of his. I will write more about the class, students, teacher, etc. later when I am not exhausted and have more observations. I am being observed on Wednesday so I will be definitely teaching then…



  1. Eighth graders love hands on experiments. Such activities first gain their attention, then their interest, and finally their active participation in the learning process. Questions asked can be designed to stimulate student critical thinking skills, so important to success in later life.

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