Posted by: ahurricane08 | June 20, 2008

The first week

YAY!! I made it through the first week! I must say that it was wayyy better than I thought it was going to be. The classes have been more helpful and interesting than I thought they were going to be. I’m making some friends that make the day better – especially playing frisbee during our breaks. The days are long but I am slowly reducing my caffeine intake each day. The work load isn’t that bad, especially since I can normally get one article read on the train on my way home. I’ve quickly gotten into a routine that will come shattering down when we start field training a week from Monday. My site was posted and it looks like it may be annoying to get to since I have to transfer to a bus and from the stories I’m beginning to hear and personal experience I’m not too excited about. I’m also assigned to a middle school which should be interesting since they are CRAZY! Hopefully I’ll have a good cooperating teacher that will allow me to instruct and learn from him/her and practice the techniques I’m learning. That’s all I can hope for I guess because I won’t get any practice with my actual curriculum I have to teach.

We’ve been looking at the curriculum and the Regents exams in our classes a bit and I have to say it is quite interesting. There is a TON of ecology and human impact on that which I really like. But other than that everything on the Regents seems pretty basic – very little application of knowledge questions. It should be interesting finding a balance between teaching to the test and teaching good college prep content and making it interesting for the students.

For now though I am looking forward to the weekend which is ripe with the possiblility of the beach and live music tomorrow. Those 2 make for a great weekend :).



  1. The balance between teaching a good course and teaching to the regents will most likely be set for you by your school. (Even if they never come out and say it). Other teachers will be able to tell you how important your Regents scores are to your principal and AP, and whether passing Living Environment (or will you do Earth Science?) is and important issue in your school.

    Good luck.

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