Posted by: ahurricane08 | June 17, 2008

And so it begins…

So yesterday we (all 1600 of us) were welcomed to the program by various talking heads and student performances. Some of it was really good – the student performance part – some was boring as hell – most of the speeches – and some was just plain stupid – the many raise your hand if… questions. Overall it was a good idea on paper but I probably could have found a better use for the 2.5 hours of my time that it took up.

Today was a veryyyyy long day. I was at Lehman by 9 am for orientation which consisted of more welcoming to the program type speeches. After some paperwork and administrative duties and a descent free lunch it was off to master’s classes and it sucked just as much to be a student as it did a month and a half ago. I was bored out of my mind with introductions and syllabus explanations but overall I was exhausted. This was the second day I was up by 8 (of many more aka the rest of my life) to come and I needed more caffeine and sugar than was probably healthy to stay attentive during much of this talk. I also quickly became overwhelmed when the talk turned to the readings, and assignments, and journals, and projects, and various other forms of work that I must do in the next 6 weeks. I soon came to realize that not only will I be out the door by 8am that I will return after 7 only to come home and do at least an hour of work a night. Oh goody! *sarcasm to the nth degree*

This mountain of work I must do consists a lot of reflection and journal writing both of which I am awful at (this is my 1st blog we’ll see how long it lasts). I don’t reflect on things. I observe and make a conclusion and normally that conclusion is pretty concise. I pride myself on not filling my writing with that fluffy bullshit that reflection normally consists of. And this whole journal writing thing I have never found to be quite useful especially in an academic setting where I am forced to do it daily and about certain things. Daily I must write about emotional intelligence and an “a-ha” moment from class – Oh kill me now. I have the emotional awareness of a man (they exist but I don’t talk about them or show them) and the last time I had an “a-ha” moment in a class I probably realized that mixing red and blue made purple. So this could get interesting.

And for the next 2 weeks I have 2- 3 hour long classes 4 times a week! Oh goody!

I am exhausted to say the least and that may contribute to how cynical this post is right now. Maybe after I get an extra amount of sleep tonight and go through a real day with no more syllabus talk I will feel better about this and be more excited about this new undertaking but for now I already wish it was August so I could go on vacation. (and I haven’t even set foot in a classroom yet!)



  1. Just found your blog by accident…I am an ex-fellow from cohort 12…I was in the secondary spanish educaiton track at Lehman. I moved here from the Midwest after I completed my undergraduate degree to start NYCTF. The dust will settle from the move and the flow of the city and this non-stop life will start to feel like second nature, its amazing how much I have learned and changed from living here.

    Wanted to wish you luck with everything! Sounds like you found a great school placement!

    Unsolicited words of advice:
    -Don’t stress this summer over grad school work (or your work for the fellows) they don’t even read half of what you produce for them anyways…just enjoy and take advantage of teaching summer school, its great practice.
    -Love the kids (even if they are devils), this will bring you more joy than anything in the next two years. Its really all about them anyways.
    -The Fellows program at Lehman is very unorganized. From registration to your course work to ordering transcripts they are just really stuck in the 80’s. Have low expectations.
    -Classroom management is key…NOT how much you are liked (by staff or the kids)

    I think that’s it. Again, enjoy the people you meet through the program and your summer school kids. I’ll be bookmarking your blog and checking in…funny stories from the classroom are always appreciated!!


  2. hey – good luck! i’m a cohort 15 fellow. i was on crutches throughout my training and first month or so of teaching, so if I survived, anyone can! just always put the needs of the kids first, and you will be able to manage. and some of the best friends you’ll make are definitely other fellows.

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