Posted by: ahurricane08 | June 13, 2008

We made it!

We arrived in NYC yesterday at 1 and have been unpacking since. We have finally cleared enough room and arranged the furniture to watch the TV over some boxes and such. But we made it. Only minor problems with getting here…sneaking the cat in and out of hotels was the main part and then the fun of driving through Manhattan with a truck. Oh and the parking ticket – yeah less than 24 hours and we got a parking ticket – at least we don’t have cars to constantly get tickets and trying to find parking! By the end of the weekend we should be done unpacking and pretty much settled. I have an early morning Monday to go sign papers to finalize my job and then our first event is Monday afternoon. I’m excited to meet some other Fellows. Tuesday I’m up bright and early again to start training. We finally got assigned to our groups for our student achievement sessions which start Tuesday as well. I am really anxious to find out my full schedule for the summer. I want to stay busy but I also want to have time to explore the city before the full brunt of the school year! I already made Ben promise to go to Coney Island next weekend.


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