Posted by: ahurricane08 | June 2, 2008

My first post

Hello world! (Mainly friends and family) I wanted to create this blog to keep in touch with people and let them know how my life in NYC is going!

For those of you who don’t already know I was accepted into the New York City Teaching Fellows as a secondary science teacher. This means that I will teach middle or high school science in a NYC public school and they will subsidize my master’s degree (secondary science education). I was assigned to the Bronx to teach and will get my master’s degree from Lehman College.

I just returned from my visit to NYC to get some formalities out of the way. I went on a job interview and was offered a position pending on my references (so if you are one of those…I expect a good one ;)). I interviewed at one of the best high schools in the country so I was astounded to be offered a position. We (my boyfriend, roommate, and I) also found an apartment while we were in the city. It is a tad smaller than what my boyfriend and I live in now but it is newly renovated and in an up-and-coming safe neighborhood. I also took my state certification exams while on the visit as well. Hopefully I passed those! We also hung out with some of our friends in the city so it began to feel like home. And I can say that I conquered the Subway!

Right now we are just packing up our lives in Miami and enjoying the company of our friends here. We are looking forward to the move though and starting fresh in another exciting city.



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